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Frontier Bowie Blade

The Frontier Bowie Blade is made from 440C Stainless cutlery steel, satin brush finished, sharpened to a fine edge and designed for a hidden-tang handle to be added. This blade is outstanding in overall design, a blade you will want to add to your collection. A guard and pommel are available if desired.

Knife Kit includes:
SS914 (Frontier Bowie blade)
pre-drilled handle material (our choice)
**Kits are available in Brass or Nickel Silver options**
Overall Length 10-1/8"
Blade Length 5-1/2"
Blade Width 1"
Blade Thickness 3/16"


Available sheath KT914

Available Guard: CP210A (Unshaped Brass) NS210A (Unshaped Nickel Silver)

Available Pommel: CP104 (Unshaped Brass) NS104 (Unshaped Nickel Silver) Pommels are tapped: 6X1mm