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9" Depth Paragon Knife Furnaces

9" depth Paragon ovens are perfect for small shops, hobbyists or makers of small blades.

All 9" depth ovens are double barrel, for a user friendly 11" width.

Ovens are 4.25" high and come standard with a Drop Down door. Side Swing door is optional at the same cost - just note your preference on your order.

*** Paragon Ovens are made to order in Mesquite, TX. Please allow 3-5 weeks for delivery.


Brick - Paragon's traditional firebrick furnace features heating elements in the top and side for even distribution of heat for perfect temp control.

Pro- Made especially for the professional knifemaker, the Pro series ovens are lined with ceramic fiber for super fast heating and cooling. Reaching 500° F in only minutes.


Sentinel Smart Touch: Manufactured by Bartlett Instruments. Alerts you to temp drops during heavy electrical use with constant amperage and circuit voltage readouts. Amp readings inform you when elements are beginning to wear. Store 12 programs with up to 32 segments per program. Includes Novice Mode, which uses questions to guide you during programming. Controller can be updated via WiFi. Features; Skip Step, Add Segments, Add Temperature, and Add Time options. Easy to follow screen descriptions and graphical display give you more information and control over your heat treat than ever before.

Sentry 12-Key: Simple to master, the Sentry 12-Key guides step-by-step to enter correct parameters for each job. Delay feature turns furnace on after a specific amount of time. Control heat settings for up to 18 separate segments. Each segment heats to the given temperature (max 2350 degrees F) at the rate you set and holds temp for your desired time. Alarm sounds when temperature is reached. Control heating and cooling with accuracy and repeatability. Store up to 4 programs in memory. Large display makes it easy to read.