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The Dante Forge

The "Dante" gas forge from Purgatory Ironworks is the -only- ribbon burner forge on the market. Designed by veteran blacksmith and television host, Trenton Tye, the Dante incorporates a host of features never seen before in the commercial arena. This forge is made from two solid pieces of cast refractory that are absolutely impervious to flux and rated for years of service. The castable is wrapped in a layer of mineral wool and then capped in a stylish stainless steel. Never seen before doors that are also cast refractory mean that there is NO direct fire to metal contact on any part of the forge. The front opens on rollers and the back door is completely removable via loosening one bolt. Extendable work rest in the front can be adjusted in and out, up and down. The cart with removable handles rolls easily and fits most propane tank sizes. This forge is unabashedly top of the line and comes with an LP hose, regulator and a full year warranty.

Easily gets welding temperatures for carbon steels.

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