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Kf360R 36.0" Evenheat Kf Series 240V

depth 36.0" weight 200lbs

Evenheat Knife Ovens are equipped with the easy to use Ramp Master Temperature Control, you can control up to 8 separate temperature points per firing. With features like 3 button operation, “Full Power” settings and a Skip function. Store up to 4 individual programs each capable of holding up to 8 segments. Control the rate of increase as well as the rate of decrease, also has a “hold/soak” time for each of the set point temperatures in each segment. Adjust the time and temperature in increments of 5 degrees and 5 minutes while your program is running without the need to stop and restart. You can skip to the next segment if you find your current process is finished before you anticipated. Available in five sizes, all models measure 10" width x 6.5" height inside chamber. Maximum temperature is 2200 degrees F.-all are 240 volt, single phase. Rampmaster Control offers 12 settable programs, numerical keypad, and alarm function.