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KF514 14.5" Paragon Freight Shipping Only

depth 14.5" weight 100 lbs

The Ultimate Heat Treating Furnace for Knife Makers. All are equipped with a simple to master SENTRY 12 key electronic temperature controller, which displays messages to guide you through each step in entering correct parameters for each job. A segment heats to a given temperature (max 2000Ëš F) and rate, holds for as long as needed. You can enter up to 18 segments. Control both heating and cooling with accuracy and repeatability. Store up to 4 programs in memory, one for each type of steel you regularly treat. The large display shows temp throughout heating and cooling process. A delay feature turns the furnace on after a specified period. The alarm sounds when a programmed temperature is reached. Available in 3 sizes KF514 is 120 volt, 10 amp, 1200 watts and 14.5" deep, KF524 is 240 volt, 7.5 amp, 1800 watts and 24" deep, the KF536 is 240 volt, 11 amp, 2700 watts and 36" deep. All are 5.5" wide and 4.5" high. All dimensions are inside chamber measurements.