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W612 6" Sisal Wheel

size: 6" x 3/8" arbor: 1/2"

The unique capabilities of the sisal wheel increase production and decrease cost by doing the job in half the usual time. When used in conjunction with the cut and color bars, the sisal wheel will simply whisk away the polish marks, light pits and other minor surface defects leaving steel, stainless steel or brass a flat color with all scratches removed. This usually eliminates the need to use finer grits when going from polishing to coloring. It is often used as a “final” finish in itself when a satin look is desired. Our sisal wheels are 9 ply, 6" and 8" are 1/4" spiral sewed, 10" and 12" are 3/8" spiral sewed, cloth covers help hold the wheels solid.