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Knife Making Steel and Metals

There are a variety of different steels you can use to make a knife, each with its own set of properties and characteristics. Different types of knife steel are ideal for different types of knives. In order to select the right steel for your knife making project, you must determine what kind of knife you want to make and what purpose it will serve. Jantz offers a variety of knife steels for your blade, guard, pommel spacer and other parts of your knife beyond the blade including blade steel, powder steel, Damascus, thin sheet stock, round stock, bar stock, and mokume. Beautiful and durable Damascus steel is great for forging kitchen or hunting knives, whether you are planning to sell them or give them as gifts. Whether you’re making your first knife or you design and customize knives professionally, Jantz Supply offers a complete selection of the knife making supplies you need to take your projects from vision to completion.