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Tool Steel

Tool steel includes varieties of carbon alloy steel that are suitable for making tools due to their high heat and abrasion resistance. These highly durable metals come in CPM, CPMS-60V, O1, and A2 types. CPM tool steel is available in mill, blanchard, and precision finishes, offering greater impact resistance than A2 and D2 steel. Still, A2 steel is a fine grain, electric furnace air-hardening, 5% chrome oversize precision steel that features excellent wear and abrasion resistance. CPMS-60V is designed from a 440C stainless steel base with added high carbon and vanadium, which increases wear resistance. O1 is a general purpose tool steel well-suited for knife blades due to its abrasion resistance, toughness, and machinability characteristics. Tool steel comes in a wide selection of sizes.