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Texas Knifemaker's Guild

Texas Knifemaker's Guild has named Jantz Supply their Preferred Supplier.

TKG is the second largest knifemaker's guild in the United States and offers educational
Members receive advance notice of new products, specials, and other incentives for partnering with Jantz Supply.

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Oklahoma Knife Group

Oklahoma Knife Group has named Jantz Supply their "One Stop Shop".

OKG members host shows, educational events, hammer-ins, and offer mentorship to new and experienced makers in honing their skills.

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jantz supply is here for all of your knifemaking needs

Whether you’re an experienced knifemaker or just getting started with a new hobby, Jantz is your one-stop shop for everything knifemaking.

Knifemaking Steel and Metals

Craft your own knives with our wide selection of bar stock and blade steel. We offer high carbon steel perfect for forging, stainless and tool steel for stock removal, ready to shape Damascus, and more. We even have a range of powder metals for making canister Damascus or Mokume. Find brass, nickel silver, stainless and other materials in bar stock and round stock for guards, spacers, pommels, and every other part of your knife.

Knife Blades and Kits

If you’re just getting started with knifemaking or you’re looking for a head start on your next project, pre-made blades and kits may be right for you!
We offer knife blanks that have already been forged, hardened, and sharpened, so they’re ready for handles, file work, or engraving. Find everything from Dagger blades to Hunting knives, and a wide range of kitchen cutlery, all at Jantz.

Knife Handle Materials

Make your knife stand out with a custom handle.  Micarta, G10, and a wide range of natural woods are sure to please.  Step it up with Giraffe bone, Kudu horn, and other exotic materials to make a knife that is uniquely yours.  Let your imagination guide you in creating your handle and dress it up with our wide range of mosaic pins, corby rivets, tubes, and screws to fasten the handle to your blade.

Tools For Forging, Heat Treating, Finishing, and More

If you’re forging your own knife from blade steel, you need the right tools and equipment. Shop our range of anvils, forges, and kilns, as well as saws, grinders, and drills. Polish and finish your blade with files and engraving tools, or try your hand at scrimshaw on your knife handle.

A Brief History of Jantz Supply

Jantz was founded in 1966 by Ken and Venice Jantz as Jantz Gun Service. Ken Jantz was passionate about gunsmithing and extended that love to selling gunsmithing tools at shows.  Over the years, Ken and Venice developed a loyal customer base from the craftsmen they met at these shows, including knifemakers. As Ken and Venice learned more about the craftsmanship of hand-making knives, they became inspired to add knifemaking supplies to their business. Their goal was to make knifemaking accessible to all and provide materials for beginners and experienced craftsmen alike.

Now, over 50 years later, Jantz is the leading provider of knifemaking supplies around the world.  Ken and Venice’s children run the daily operations and retain the core values and principles of a small, family-run business with an emphasis on customer service and support. 

We remain dedicated to supporting each and every one of our customers, so please contact us with any questions or concerns. We are here to help.