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Wicked Wax Seal and Protectant

Wicked Wax is cutting edge protection for your entire knife. Wicked Wax is 100% food safe, organic and vegan. It is made from all natural products. This wax can be used on wood, steel, epoxy, plastic and leather.

It will revitalize, seal and add a shine to most wood finishes. A primary use is to make metal rust resistant.  Want to seal your leather and bring back its suppleness?  Wicked Wax will work great for that.  Epoxy and plastic clean and shine with a thin coat of this wax.  The beeswax in Wicked Wax will not make the handle feel slippery.

Available in 0.5 oz, 2 oz or 8 oz tin sizes.  A little goes a long way.

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