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Forging Tools Overview

Forging is a necessary skill set, when it comes to knife making and are also the essential tools used by Blacksmiths alike. But you're only as good as your forging tools. For those who are relatively new to knife making, or are looking to improve their knowledge about forging, we've put together a helpful "Forging Tools Overview" table below to help you identify the proper tools for your project.

Tool Description
Hammer An essential to your forging tool arsenal, our hammers are Perfectly balanced. One end has a round, crowned face, the other end is flat and beveled. This helps reduce the possibility of any chipping.
Anvil This is your platform and where you will spend most of your time forging your metal. Our anvils are precision milled and heat treated, featuring quality alloy castings.
Heat Treating Tongs Used to transfer the piping hot metal, these tongs are manufactured from special low carbon steel for lasting strength. These tongs will not become brittle when quenched in water.

Equipped with insulated doors on both ends for easy entry and removal of Damascus billets. Our forge comes fitted for propane but can be configured for natural gas. Regulator and Hose are included. Operates off a standard 20lb propane tank, the same type used for barbecue grills. Reaches 2,350 degrees. The heat Chamber is 4" x 4 1/2" x 13 1/2". Exhaust port on one door is 3" x 2". Shipping weight is 48 lbs.

Hardness Testing Files

40 RC to 65 RC Rockwell C Scale, Testing File Set High quality hardness testing files feature specially curved tips for testing internal slots, and grooves as well as your knife blank. Files have non slip grips and have color coded handles with Rockwell value printed on each for quick and easy selection. Files come in a custom fitted case with complete instructions and conversion chart for Rockwell to Vickers.

Evenheat Oven Evenheat Knife Ovens are equipped with the easy to use Set-Pro Temperature Control. You can control up to 8 separate temperature points per firing.
Paragon Ovens

Paragon Furnaces are high-quality ovens and kilns used for heat treating knives. Kilns will complete the entire heat-treating process, including annealing, normalizing, hardening, and tempering. Paragon Furnaces are equipped with a door safety switch that shuts off power when the door is opened. Paragon ovens come in a variety of depths and are available in single- or double-barrel widths. The maximum temperature of these kilns is 2,350°F.

Heat Treating Foil Simple to use; Place blade or other part in the Tool Steep Wrap; fold over and crimp edges forming an air tight package; place package in oven and heat treat according to metal directions. Placing a small chip of wood inside the foil packet helps to burn up oxygen inside the wrap. Use only once. Cuts easily with scissors.
Heat Treat Fork The 31" long heat treat fork easily removes knife- holders and blades from a hot furnace. The sliding wooden handle makes it easy to position and hold.
Hot Mill Gloves

Heat-insulated style Nitrile-Coated hot mill gloves for protection and comfort in moderate heat applications. Non-woven felt insulation and a full-length, 14" heat barrier protect the worker. Comfortable and flexible large size 10, designed for intermittent handling of medium hot objects up to 400°F.

Halmon Glop Quart

An outstanding material for differential hardening of your blade. Also known as APG #36 Refractory Cement. Hamon Glop comes wet and ready to apply (Just stir a bit first) in a convenient quart size container. 3,200 temperature degree rating.

Blade Fixtures Evenheat Blade Fixtures are designed to securely hold your blades vertically. They provide ample space for foil inflation while being absolutely stable.
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