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Paragon Ovens

Paragon Furnaces are high-quality ovens and kilns used for heat treating knives. Kilns will complete the entire heat treating process, including annealing, normalizing, hardening, and tempering. Paragon Furnaces are equipped with a door safety switch that shuts off power when the door is opened. Paragon ovens come in a variety of depths and are available in single or double barrel widths. The maximum temperature of these kilns is 2350°F. Paragon ovens come standard painted deep black or you can special order in berry, black, blue, hot pink, jade, navy, purple, or turquoise at no additional charge. 

Choose the Paragon Furnace series that is right for your knife-making needs:

  • Paragon KM Series is an economical option made with traditional firebrick. All KM Series furnaces come standard with a Guillotine Door for smooth opening, with a counter-weight handle for one-handed operation. The furnace is insulated with 3” thick refractory firebrick, which is 1/2” thicker than the standard. Three different controller options allow you to select the programming that works best for your shop.
  • Paragon Pro 3 Zone Series is a professional option made with ceramic fiber and featuring 2 or 3 temperature zones for superior heat distribution. A Sentinel controller adjusts the heat of each zone for perfect heat. Heating elements last longer due to the Paragon Solid State Relay, which has no moving parts and offers a quiet and efficient heating process. (Note: The 18” deep oven has a mechanical relay as part of the safety circuit.)

Paragon Furnaces ship free to the contiguous 48 states. Shop Jantz Supply for everything needed to make a high-quality knife at an affordable price.