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Alumilite Metallic Powders

Add a pinch of Alumilite Metallic Powder to your Alumilite Clear, dyed the color of your choosing, to provide body and "movement" and make your casting come alive!

Dyed Alumilite Clear on its own is just boring, translucent, colored resin. Adding Metallic Powder gives it shimmer and life!

Use Alumilite Phosphorescent Powder to add Glow in the Dark properties to your castings! Can be added to your castings that already contain dye and metallic powder to make your blank nice by day and cool by night.

Alumilite Pearlescent Powder is used to give an incredible pearl like shimmer to your castings. Can be added to dyed Alumilite to give movement and shimmer.

1 fluid oz of powder.


This is NOT a mica powder. This contains real metallic powders.

These powders are NOT for use with Cactus Juice. The size of the particle is too big and will not penetrate your material.

These powders are for casting with Alumilite Casting Resin.

Metallic Gold
Metallic Pearlescent
Metallic Phosphorescent