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UltiClip - Ultimate Carry Solutions

Ulticlip's patented retention system provides the highest level of concealment and retention.  Wear anything and carry anything with UltiClip. 

Unlike any traditional clip on the market.  No need for a belt or any other secondary means of support to provide its retention. 

Choose the UltiClip that is right for you:

SLIM 2.2 - Narrow fit for belt-less carry with a single mounting point.  Perfect for small knives and pouches.  Ideal when mounting space is limited.

SLIM 3.3 - Narrow fit for belt-less carry with dual mounting points.  Ideal for small to medium every day carry (EDC) knives, small holsters, and magazine pouches.

ULTICLIP Classic - Wider fit for belt-less carry with a single screw hole for mounting.  Has a raised mounting channel for screwless mounting applications.

ULTICLIP 3+ - Wider fit for belt-less carry with 3 mounting points.  Has a flat mounting area and is ideal for Kydex holsters and knife sheaths.

XL - Wide fit for belt carry.  Four mounting points.  Works great for a removable multi-tool.