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Cb225 Drilled Thumb Opener For Cabochons Ambidextrous

Our innovative openers allow you to create your own style by adding the cabochon of your choice. Available for single or ambidextrous opening. Single openers are easy to install using one 3/32” allen wrench #HK106 and one T6 Torx wrench #FX106 sold separately. Simply glue the cabochon of your choice (sold separately) into the bezel. Use our #RA600 countersink, page 74, to easily countersink the hole for a flush fit with the torx screw supplied. Ambidextrous openers assemble easily with two 3/32" allen wrenches #HK106 sold separately. These require two cabochons. Mix or match for individual taste. CB225 Fits 1/8" or 5/32" blade hole with supplied adapter.

7/32" .200" 5mm