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Pro Safe Cut Resistant Glove Size: Large

Pro-Safe Cut-Resistant Gloves are available in size large and perfect for protecting your hands during knifemaking. These gloves are FDA-accepted to protect from light to medium cut hazards. They’re made from Spectra and steel cut-resistant yarn, two high-performance fabrics that will guard your skin against being cut by a blade or other sharp material. The gloves are rated at ANSI cut level 5, meaning they can withstand at least 3,500 grams (7.7 pounds) of pressure on the blade without the material being cut through. They also feature an IES antimicrobial system to control bacteria and cross-contamination.

Aside from making a knife, Pro-Safe gloves are well-suited to other applications as well, including construction, small parts assembly, material handling, and general-purpose tasks. Please note: Ambidextrous design and sold by the individual glove.

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