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Gunny Glide Knife Pivot Lube

Gunny Glide is a revolutionary graphene/boron nitride based lubricant designed to work on all surfaces. Graphene and hexagonal boron nitride are two-dimensional materials. Graphene is a one-atom-thick sheet of carbon that is broken down into sub-micron particles.

What’s the difference between Gunny Glide and other graphene lubricants?

Graphene is generally just added to a lubricant, and emulsification is required to suspend it for use. In Gunny Glide, a patent-pending process helps keep the graphene suspended and creates a better environment for even distribution of the graphene.

Gunny Glide continues to improve with use. Gunny Glide Works great on knife pivots, firearms, blade surfaces for corrosion protection, and much more.

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