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Gunny Juice Polishing Compound / Diamond Emulsion

Gunny Juice Diamond Suspension is a very effective method of honing and polishing the cutting edge of the knife. Gunny Juice is created through a proprietary deionization process which prevents the diamond particles from clumping together, allowing for submicron grits. In conjunction with a very tight particle size distribution, the process permits scratch-free polishing results.

The diamond suspension can be used with any strop made of leather, balsa, or nano cloth.

To use, simply pump the desired amount of suspension on your stropping medium, spread evenly, let dry, then use as usual.

if you plan to use a strop both with and without compound, be certain to only apply the Gunny Juice to one side, as it is impossible to remove after applying. you may need multiple strops should you desire use of multiple different grits.

Compound residue accumulates during stropping. If stropping performance gets worse, remove the residue with a knife spine or special tool, and apply the fresh compound.

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