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Hot Stuff, Super T, Special T, Super Solvent, NCF Quick Accelerator

Hot Stuff Original is a think CA glue with water-like viscosity (3cps). Will wick into tight-fitting joints of non-pouropus material. Fill and stop the spread of splits and hairline cracks in wood and stone. Strengthen stone and porous wood by applying to entire surface allowing it to soak into the pores and cracks. Use as a final finish for small knife handles or pens. Cure time is three to five seconds between tightly fitting, non-porous parts.

Super T Gap Filler is a medium gap filling glue with viscosity similar to syrup (200-300 cps). Perfect for gluing somewhat porous materials and pieces which don't fit tightly. Super T cures within 10-25 seconds giving you additional positioning time. For best bond of two pieces, apply Super T to one piece and accelerator to the other - push together and hold tightly for 30 seconds.

Special T Gap Filler is a medium gap line filling glue with a viscosity similar to honey (1150-1500 cps). Used to fill large gaps and glue parts that don't fit well together. It can also fill cracks and gaps in handle materials to preserve structure and integrity while sealing from moisture and contaminates.

Super Solvent used to de-bond and dissolve CA glue from your hands and other surfaces. A small amount usually does the trick. Safe to use with most paints and finishes but testing on an inconspicuous area is reccomended.

NCF Quick Accelerator will decrease cure time with only a light mist applied from 8-12 inches away. Designed to flash off instantly so do not over-apply (You will see a wet look if you use to much). Over-application can discolor some surfaces - especially stone.

Warning: Due to FAA regulations this item cannot ship by air.
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