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Knifemaker's Specialty CA Glue

Made for knifemakers by knifemakers, this specialty CA glue is triple distilled to assure the highest level of quality, performance and shelf-life.

20 month shelf life when stored unopened at 40 degrees F.  Can be refrigerated.

2 oz bottles include:one clog free nozzle stopper, 2 long nozzle caps, and 8 extension applicator tips. 

1 oz bottles include: brush on applicator in the cap.

Fill gaps, cracks and hairline fissures that may occur as part of the knifemaking process.  Bonds fitted parts closely together. 

Thin and medium can be applied in multiple coats and then sanded and polished to a high gloss finish. 

Thick is ideal for filling larger gaps and voids in materials.


Type Viscosity Gap Fill Cure Rate
Thin 2 mPa-s 0.002" Instant
Medium 150 mPa-s 0.006" 10 - 20 seconds
Thick 2000 mPa-s .01" - .02" 60+ seconds
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