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Respiraton Mask - LIMITED SUPPLY

Skin friendly, absorbent, comfortable and soft.  KN95 masks made from high quality polypropylene non-woven fabric with 5 layers. 

With the help of a friend with a supply-chain into China we were able to obtain these KN95 masks.  KN95 masks were approved by the FDA for use in the USA in the fight against Covid-19.  We are not mask or PPE experts so cannot promise, guarantee, or warranty that these masks will prevent you from catching any disease.

We know the price seems outrageous but we decided to try to obtain masks in order to provide First Responders and essential workers some protection other than wearing a t-shirt or bandana around their faces. 

We have had to pay much higher than usual prices to obtain these including very expensive cargo rates to get them here quickly.  Under normal circumstances the medical grade N95 masks we purchase from 3M would be about $2 each.  We promise, there is no price-gouging.  We are donating masks as well as selling them to off-set all costs and hopefully help people get the protection they want.

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