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Leather Forge Aprons

Handmade in the USA by a professional blacksmithing family these aprons are of the highest quality.

Stitched with Kevlar thread to assure stitches stay tight and do not melt when the heat is on high. Functional & stylish you will treasure and use this apron for years to come.

BIG AND TALL FULL CUT aprons are made with full-grain, soft, pliable, 5-6 oz leather and feature a fully adjustable X-Strap system designed to place the weight of the apron on the shoulders, eliminating neck strain. 40" long x 28" wide with bib top at 13" width. Fits most people wearing 2X to 4X and stinding over 6'2" tall

FULL CUT apron is 36" long x 24" with bib top at 12" width. Superb choice for grinding as it provides more bib coverage than standard aprons.

BUDGET aprons are made with tumbled, 4-5 oz. Water Buffalo leather for a flexible, comfortable fit. 28" long by 24" wide with bib top at 10" wide. Features an adjustable neck and back strap.