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Gunline Checkering - Premier Set

Gunline Tools are machined to the highest standards required by professionals and hobby stockmakers. They have been popular and distributed throughout the world since 1946. They are noted for easy handling, accuracy, precise fit of components and durability. Sample patterns and clear instruction showing various layout styles are included in the sets. It is easy for anyone of craftsman ability to create an excellent checkering pattern.

Decorate your knife handles with a checkering pattern for beauty, texture and a superb holding grip.

Designed to provide the serious gun stock maker with everything needed to checker the most complex as well as simple patterns. It features the new Jointer tool used to layout precise master lines essential for a superior checkering pattern. Spacers have offset handle shanks providing good visibility behind the cutting action.

Premier Pattern Set includes: 9 tools(handles with cutters)
1/16" Pin Holder
2-Edge Spacer
3-Edge Spacer
Pointer-Long (fine cut)
Veiner Chisel
Checker-Gage Rule
Sample Pattern Layout Desings
Forend Marking Gage
Jointer and Spacer tools are 60°.
V-Edger and Pointer-Long single line tools are 90°.

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