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Primitive Backyard Bladesmithing with Tobin Nieto (DVD)

Tobin Nieto has been forging in the primitive aesthetic and style since 2002. A student of the neo tribal metalsmith philosophy, he seeks to do much of the work with minimal tooling. He is also a champion from the History Channel’s show Forged in Fire. Mr. Nieto is currently teaching his method of forging in San Antonio, Texas.

If you want to start forging knives with minimal tools and cost, then this video is for you. Tobin has gas forges, tongs, grinders, and anvils, but does he use them in this video? No! What he does use are tools and supplies that can be picked up at your local scrap yard, thrift shop, and big-box store.

In this video, Tobin forges one of his primitive style knives from an old car spring, and he finishes it off with a cord wrapped handle.

Total Run Time: 2 hours 6 minutes.

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