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Slipjoints with Craig Brewer (DVD)

Craig is a full-time knifemaker in central Texas who started making knives in 2002. He later met Johnny Stout and Harvey Dean and started attending a hammer-in they hosted. There he met many other knife makers willing to share information on all aspects of knife making.

Craig credits Bill Ruple and Rusty Preston the most for getting him started on slipjoint knives. Bill and Rusty provided encouragement and instruction to Craig and many other knifemakers. Craig continues to refine his techniques and skills as he focuses mostly on slipjoint and lockback folders.

Craig’s advice to new knifemakers is to search out knife making gatherings or hammer-ins, put in the time to practice your skills and improve your abilities, and above all, have fun meeting new friends in your knife making journey.

In this video, Craig demonstrates how to make a slimline trapper. He covers everything from scribing out the parts to the finishing filework.

Total Run Time: 2 hours 24 minutes.

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