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TKG Forging Competition Kit

Exclusive to Texas Knifemakers Guild members! 
Find out how you can join TKG and compete in the next TKG / Jantz Build-Off.

Starting with hi carbon flat stock, competitors focus on design and execution using forging methods. 

Makers will be judged on multiple factors including blade design, grinding, polishing, creativity, fit and finish, and overall form and functionality for the blades intended purpose.

Competitors are strictly limited to the materials in the kit with the exception of epoxy, wood oils, dyes or wax, and necessary materials for working (abrasives, files, etc). 

1. Choose Your Steel

2. Choose Your Wood Species

3. Choose Your Pin Stock diameter & alloy

4. Choose Your barstock alloy

OPTIONAL - upgrade to a mosaic pin and/or corby rivets - added costs apply. 

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