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Trenton's Guide to Love, Riches, and Blacksmithing by Trenton Tye

Professional blacksmith Tye takes you through the first steps of getting into the craft of iron and steel. Written with the absolute beginner in mind, this book takes you through the basics of building a forge, finding an anvil, and making a few basic projects.

Detailed instructions and excellent step-by-step photography make this an excellent resource for anyone looking to explore blacksmithing.

Though most books on the subject are somewhat bland, Trenton puts his unmistakable mark on his teachings by including refreshing stories about his education in the craft, his teacher the Legendary Jay Reakirt, and all the most hilarious stories he could remember from the shop. This book will not only educate but entertain you as well. This book is intended for grown folks with a sense of humor!

Contains coarse language and vivid descriptions of less than appropriate situations!

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