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Alamo Bowie Blade

Our most popular Bowie Blade is made from 440-C Stainless steel. The fame is in the name. This Bowie style blade whose design became a legend at the Alamo is a must for every knife collector.

Knife Kit included:
SS475 ( Alamo Bowie blade)
1-CP475 (brass guard)
3-1/8"  brass pins
Handle material  (our choice)
Overall Length 13"
Blade Length 8"
Blade Width 1 1/2"
Blade Thickness 5/32"
Pin Holes (3) 5/32"

Available sheath KT128.
Available guard: 
CP475 (Unshaped Brass) 
NS475 (Unshaped Nickel Silver) 
NG810 (Shaped Stainless Steel)