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Apache Hunter Blade or Kit

This is a nice, highly polished hunting blade. The blade is hollow ground with a highly polished bright mirror finish.

Choose from the Blade only or upgrade to a complete kit!

Knife Kit includes:
SS461 (Apache Hunter Blade)
2-5/16" Corby Rivets
1-Thong Tube
1-Finger Guard
Handle material (our choice)
Blade specifications:
Overall Length 8 1/4"
Blade Length 3 1/2"
Blade Width 1 3/32"
Blade Thickness 5/32"
Handle Holes: 1/4"
Thong Hole: 1/4"

Available sheath KT103(Pouch Sheath), KT107(Strap Sheath) or KT232(Strap Sheath).

Available Guards: CP361(Slotted Brass), CP362( Slotted Brass with Finger Groove) NS361(Slotted Nickel Silver) NS362(Slotted Nickel Silver with Finger Groove)

Optional thong tube: CP500(Brass 1/4" x 1") NS500(Nickel Silver 1/4" x 1")

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