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Washita Hunter

The satin finished stainless steel Washita Hunter blade has integral thumb notches and finger guard. This hollow ground drop point makes an excellent skinning knife.

Knife Kit includes:
SS463 (Washita Hunter blade)
2-CP600 (brass corby type rivets)
1-CP500 (brass thong hole tube)
1- CP963 (brass slotted guard with finger groove)
Handle material (our choice)
Blade Specifications:
Overall Length 8 1/4"
Blade Length 3 3/4"
Blade Width 15/16" Blade Thickness 1/8"
Handle Holes 1/4"
Thong Hole 7/32"
Bolster Holes 3/32"

Available sheaths: KT107 pouch sheath or KT232 (Strap Sheaths)