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Nidhogg Damasteel (Minimum 4")

NidhoggTM  is a detailed and symmetrical pattern containing arcs, stars and diamonds running from side to side to with an intense look.

The symmetry of the pattern is the same no matter how wide of a piece you order, so one thing you can do is to order a wider piece even if you are making a smaller knife that way you can chose at what angel the pattern will hit your blade.

According to Norse Mythology Nidhogg is a ferocious dragon who gnaws at the roots of Yggdrasil, the tree which supports the nine worlds of Norse mythology.
His body is covered in bright scales, and horns erupt from his head.

Folding Knife by Johnny Stout

Damasteel is sold by the inch. Each piece is 1" in length.

MINIMUM order of 4" is required.
For a 4" piece order a qty of 4.
For a 12" piece order a quantity of 12.

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