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1/4" Decorative Torx Screws for Handle Pins (Brass & Stainless)

These Torx head screws provide a decorative flourish to knife handles with a variety of beautiful materials and designs.

The screws attach the handle to a knife blade while adding a personal touch of style to the finished product.

They’re available in either 303 stainless steel or 360 brass alloy with your choice of design, including Spinner, Galaxy, Orchid, Turbine, North Star, and Star of David.

These decorative Torx screws are designed to be used with our threaded bushings. They are less likely to strip out compared to hex screws because of the manner in which the load is distributed between the tool and hardware.

Each screw:

  • Features 0.25” head, threaded 6-48
  • Measures .240" or .160" in overall length under the head
  • Is designed for use with T6 (FX106) Torx wrench
  • Is manufactured in our own plant

Customize your knife project and make it stand out from other blades with highly detailed decorative screws placed inside the handle.

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