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1/4" Tang Hole Stepped Barrel Fastener (Brass & Stainless)

3 Pc Torx Fasteners designed for blades with 1/4" holes in the tang. Use with our G10 and Micarta contoured and textured handles. T6 Torx head provides a neat finished appearance without any further material removal for either the rivet or the handle. Simply use the RD6 rivet drill to drill and counter bore the handle 3/32" deep. Precision machined from 303 Stainless. Each piece includes 2 screws and one barrel.

Stepped Barrels for 1/4" Holes.

Screws have 1/4" diameter heads and 6-48 threads. Barrels are 1/4" diameter. Bushing is threaded 6-48 with 3/16" step on each side, .100" long to secure handles in place.

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