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Ruby Red, White and Blue UltreX G10 2 ply

NORPLEX, the original makers of Micarta, offer a new look to the G10 handle material you love. Built from durable fiberglass and epoxy resin, and formed under high temperature and pressure. Brilliant colors, extreme toughness and durability are hallmarks of the UltreX brand.

Ruby Red, White and Blue is perfect for patriotic builds.  

WORKING TIP - Because of the 3 layer color combination it is very important to choose which side of the material you wish to work from for your viewable handle.  

As you grind / file down the material the prominent color will be either red, white & blue or alternatively you can achieve blue, white, purple.  We have included pictures of a scale that has been worked on both sides to demonstrate this.

Made in the USA.

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