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Fafnir Damasteel (Minimum 4")

FafnirTM is a twisted pattern from Damasteel of Sweden which offers a lot of versatility.  You can use this pattern for wide, small, thick, or thin projects.

When grinding into Fafnir it reveals almost a snake or dragon like pattern with its curved twisted lines forming these waves giving a flame like appearance. And due to Fafnir being a twisted pattern it can benefit from a lot of different bevels to get a lot of different looks out of the pattern.

According to the Volsunga Saga, Fafnir is a dwarf with a powerful arm and fearless soul. He guards his father’s house of glittering gold and flashing gems. He turned into a dragon to guard his treasure. Fafnir breathed poison into the land around him so no one would go near him and his treasure, wreaking terror in the hearts of the people.

Folding Knife by Johnny Stout

Fixed Blade Knife by Ted Dahlqvist

Damasteel is sold by the inch. Each piece is 1" in length.

MINIMUM order of 4" is required.
For a 4" piece order a qty of 4.
For a 12" piece order a quantity of 12.