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Premium Forging and Farrier Hammers from Jim Poor

Jim Poor uses a 3 step process to assure the highest quality blacksmithing hammer you can buy.  These hammers are tempered back to be slightly softer through the bodies, and then hardened only on the striking ends resulting in less vibration, and shock, with each blow of the hammer.

Jim Poor has designed the handles to be slightly longer than most so the user can cut
them off to the desired length. Keep in mind that handles add some weight to the hammer.

The heavier the hammer, the larger the body and faces.

Rounding hammers for shaping metal and drawing out your steel.  Rounding hammers allow you to draw out steel faster than a flat faced hammer.

Cross Pein hammers offer a wedge shape which is ideal for moving metal to your desired shape.  Perfectly balanced with the weight the same on the pein and flat sides to prevent the hammer from wanting to twist in your hand.

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