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Knifemaker's Centering Scribe

Use the Jantz knifemaker's scribe to mark the center lines of a knife as a guide for grinding knife blades. 

This scribe is designed for accuracy and can be adjusted from 0 to 1/2". 

JS305 - includes a fine adjustment screw to make changes of 1/32" per revolution.

JS304 - available without adjustment

Purchase JS307 Carbide Tip Replacement as needed.

The Jantz Centering Scribe helps knifemakers achieve precision and symmetry when grinding their knives, especially during the initial shaping and grinding process.

Jantz’s Centering Scribes are available with and without an adjustment screw.  The adjustment screw allows more precise settings by providing a consistent 1/32” per revolution adjustment with the turn of a hex key.

By marking the center line on the blade’s spine, the maker has a guide for grinding to assure material is removed evenly from both sides of the blade for optimum symmetry and precision.  Setting a visual guide is important to prevent over-grinding or uneven grinding that can weaken the blade.  The visual guide also helps makers achieve a consistent edge thickness which is vital for balance, sharpness, and overall functionality of the blade. 

Using a centering scribe helps makers produce a higher quality knife through symmetry, consistency, and precision. 

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