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Jantz 15 Series 6.5" Cleaver

Made in the USA by Jantz Supply

Maximize strength, toughness, and edge retention with 80CrV2. The convex grind amplifies cutting and chopping action through ease of separation and edge support. Each cleaver is hand finished and then stone washed with an integrated rust preventative. This rustic, eye-catching finish is less reflective and hides fingerprints. Easy maintenance with just a light coating of olive (or similar) oil prior to storage.

This large cleaver will easily cut through bones and gristle, making your kitchen work a breeze. Overall length 12-1/2", Blade Length 6-1/2", Blade Width 4", Blade Thickness 1/4". Handle Holes 1/4". Shown above with Stabilized Hackberry and 1/4" MP435 Inspiration mosaic pin.