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Pattern 32 Blades (Silver Mink)

Fashioned after SS476 Silver Mink Blade

Overall length: 8"
Blade length: 3-1/8"
Blade width: 1"
Blade Thickness: 1/8"
Bolster Holes: 1/8"
Handle Holes: 1/8"
Thong Hole: 1/4"

 HRC 59-61

440C, 154CM, and D2 Blades can be ordered with a peened finish with an estimated 2 week shipment delay.

Accessories sold separately.

Available Bolsters: K323 3/16" Brass, K324 3/16" Stainless.

Available sheath: KT103

Optional pre drilled and shaped handles for pattern 32: D3253, E3201, E3216, E3272, G3219, G3229, G3211, G3221, G3231,  DF3225 (Rosewood Dymondwood), DF3249 (Black Ink Cocobolo Dymondwood)

MADE IN USA by Jantz Supply in our newly equipped Davis, Oklahoma manufacturing facility using only the best cutlery grade steels available. Each blade is cryogenically processed during the heat treating process for optimal edge holding capabilities.

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